Hernia Mesh Devices

We have commenced a proposed class proceeding on behalf of patients in Canada who have suffered harm related to the hernia mesh device known as Physiomesh.  In addition, we are working jointly with several other law firms to negotiate settlements on behalf of individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of hernia mesh devices manufactured by other providers.

The class action with regards to Physiomesh alleges that the manufacturers of this hernia mesh failed to warn patients about the serious complications associated with the device.

Physiomesh is a surgical mesh which is used in the repair and treatment of hernias and other internal abnormalities. Physiomesh devices are made from dangerous materials which break down inside the body, leading to bowel obstruction, sermoas, infection, mesh failures, hernia recurrence, and death. These complications often result in the need for one or more corrective surgeries and result in permanent damage.

If you were implanted with a mesh device in Canada or want more information about this proceeding, please contact us.



This action is currently being case managed by Justice Burke of the British Columbia Supreme Court.

UPDATE: July 6, 2021

Currently, we are working jointly with several other Canadian law firms in negotiating settlements with certain mesh manufacturers on behalf of individuals who would be class members, and have suffered significant issues with mesh devices, including subsequent surgeries to revise or remove the devices.

While these negotiations are proving successful, the class action will remain in abeyance. If the manufacturers fail to resolve our clients’ claims reasonably, the class action will become active and be prosecuted as the expert evidence permits.


Investigative reporter Avis Favaro at CTV News has been covering the dangers of Physiomesh for some time. Her recent reporting may be found here.


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